BAND is a visual effects company and creative studio leader in media advertising with a solid and flexible structure formed by staff with extensive experience and know-how in digital Post Production. Our innovative mindset together with the latest technologies keep us up with the latest creative trends and client needs.

VFX Supervisor Alberto Mantini and Colorist Adriano Mestroni, BAND founders with three decades of expertise in media advertising, lead a team of CG experienced professionals and guarantee, alongside with the technical perfection of the final results, a fully creative support in each stage of the making due to the ability to deal with Directors, Productions and Agencies. Clients are put at ease and can be assured that the technical issues that may arise throughout the processing steps will be resolved swiftly.

Our Senior Producers, working together with our departments, are reliable experts with strong problem solving skills and are always able to deal with customers and production needs.
Band Digital Artists crew is a creative and versatile team of professionals that make use of the latest digital technologies and work tirelessly in order to achieve the best results. They know no limits in searching for and finding the best visual results.  

Thanks to our storage and streaming systems we are able to process 4K files in real time and remotely access and play our footage with high quality settings so that our clients can be a part of the finalization process wherever they may be. Otherwise, they can reach us in our downtown Milan office, overlooking the Cenacolo Vinciano's square, and check the visual quality of our works on perfectly calibrated monitors.   
From automotive to tabletop shooting, from comedy to animation, wonder has always been a major goal for professionals of our field. Band, having a history of hundreds of highest level tv commercials done so far, has given its peculiar and distinctive touch to the world of digital Italian art. The result is that Band is one of the most important players in the international market of Post Production.
Throughout these years we have changed the shooted world in many ways: we have transformed scene elements, regardless of camera movements, both in their shape and color, or on the opposite changed the surroundings, added and removed scene elements to extend the scene or simply to overcome the look of the shooted footage. We have simulated dynamics of objects flowing and falling with liquids, added smokes, fires, changed people’s faces, added cheering crowds and animated animals.
All the computer generated imagery has always been blended seamlessly with the original footage to make it believable, so that the magic we added looked real.